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Imagination Art Brings New Excitement to Coloring

Visit Ready Set FUN! and create imagination art the whole family will love!

In this interactive room, your child will see their handcrafted drawing come alive in animation form. Kids will spend a few minutes coloring our special characters and putting their names on their artwork. Then, with a couple of quick magic tricks, they will see that drawing pop in as animation on the big screen! By labelling the drawings with names, your child will be able to see exactly which drawing is their own creation and follow along as it explores its animated world.

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Explore augmented reality art with your kids

Augmented reality art is the blend of real world and technology. Real-life objects are enhanced with computer-generated tech to create an entirely new interaction. And because the imagination art is multi-user based, the more the merrier!

It’s jaw-dropping fun for everyone as your child experiences their cars, airplanes, cows and more transformed into something new.

This is an activity designed to spark imagination and creativity in your child. Our animation themes change daily, so your child will never be bored even if they come play with us every day.

If your toddler or child loves creating art, we encourage you to check out our Imagination Art room. It’s an experience that’s great for all ages. The whole family can appreciate seeing handcrafted drawings come to life in full, detailed and colorful animation!

child coloring a picture in the animation art room at Ready Set FUN!

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child uploading a picture to the big screen in the animation art room at Ready Set FUN!

This room is appropriate for children ages one and above. Parental supervision is required for kids that may require assistance with their drawing.

We offer a variety of themes including:

  • Marine Life

    Turtles, fish, stingrays and sea horses swim through an oceanic paradise featuring a shipwreck and colorful coral.

  • Dinosaurs

    Both herbivores and carnivores wander peacefully in this land before time! Tyrannosaurus rex, triceratopses, stegosauruses and brachiosauruses roam as pterodactyls fly overhead.

  • Farm Animals

    Have some barnyard fun with an oink oink here and a moo moo there—and throw in a rooster crow for good measure.

  • Airplanes

    Choose an aircraft and watch it soar over the city. From helicopters to hot air balloons, your child’s drawing will be ready for takeoff.

  • Cars

    Watch as colorful vehicles motor through town by crossing streets, making turns, driving over bridges, and obeying traffic laws.

What Imagination Art Teaches Your Child

It’s an interactive experience that uses modern technology to create an environment ready to be explored by your child’s personal creation. This makes it a fun way for young children to learn through play while increasing sensory skills.

Digital worlds can be discovered through multi-dimensions of animated art. Our indoor playroom connects augmented reality with actual reality by merging these elements of technology in the real world.

It’s a sensory discovery enhanced by computer-generated art. With objects brought to 3D life, it all feels a little bit like magic! Kids can learn about science and habitats, while interacting with each other. Augmented reality art gives them the space to feel in control of their own work by creating a new visual field to explore together.

But kids are learning the important basics, too! Coloring is an equal—and just as fun—part of playtime. Your children can take pride in their personal creation. Coloring has numerous benefits including improving grip, hand strength and fine motor skills. It also activates creativity and helps your child discover their own self-expression.

By focusing on coloring and then following these drawings as they move through a new virtual world, kids will find joy in learning as their creation comes to life.

We’ve created a space with a modern feel for fun. Artwork becomes an experience with augmented reality because your children are now immersed in a new world, even as they remain in the same room. This is such a cool opportunity made possible through technology. It takes your child’s drawing and builds a world around it, populated by other children’s characters. They can explore an ocean or a farm or a land when dinosaurs still roamed the earth in ways we never would have imagined a decade ago.

The best part of it? It’s as if a piece of your child is moving through these new worlds because the individuality of these characters was created by their imagination. And, even better, they can play with all of their friends!

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