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What's Playtime? Innovative Indoor Activities For Kids!

Our Founder and Creative Director, Hedi Toub, has the eye for details.

As a mother of two young children, she has set out to re-define Family Fun in Atlanta

Her mission is simple:
Bring convenience, luxury and creative imagination play to children and families, while focusing on giving back to the community and supporting local businesses.

Our classes, events and play are designed to encourage a sensory adventure for children while offering convenience to parents.

Come join the FUN!

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To start, you can take advantage of our many indoor activities for toddlers. Your toddler will love our Playtime Spaces. If your toddler likes art, we encourage you to check out the “Imagination Art” room, where your child can see their hand-crafted drawing come to life in an animated form. If your toddler is more active, they can play in the “Just Dance!” playroom. The possibilities are endless.

For older children, we are happy to offer a long list of organized courses. If your child is interested in cooking, for example, he or she can join our “Big Chefs” class where we help the class make their own pizzas. We even offer a “Big Yogis” course if your child is interested in yoga. All of our courses are taught by trained, knowledgeable instructors so that your child gets the most out of the experience.

Little Girl Playing in Imagination Sand Box

Imagination Sandbox

Imagination Art Under Water

Imagination Art

Indoor Playgroundr

Indoor Playground