Recommended Clothes & Shoes

We recommend comfortable clothing and shoes for children, so your kids can play and be active. Our play areas are considered “shoe-free” zones for both adults and children. Socks are required in all play areas. Don’t worry if you forget your socks at home. We will have them available for purchase inside!

Recommended Visit Duration

There is so much to explore at Ready Set FUN! We want to make sure you have enough time to dedicate to all of our different playrooms. We recommend that you allot at least 2 hours for your first visit, so you can enjoy every room and activity available! You also have the option to stay and play with us all day, since we don’t have time limits!

Sensory Sensitivity

Like most play spaces, it can get loud. We do not currently offer quiet spaces or headphones, but feel free to bring your own. In addition to the expected noise of an indoor playground, some of our playrooms include light and music, which may not be suitable for children with light sensitivity or mobility issues.

Waivers & Playroom Rules

We want everyone to enjoy their time at Ready Set FUN! For that reason, we have established some playroom rules we ask everyone to review prior to coming in. Since there are active playrooms, we also ask that everyone who enters our play areas submit a waiver. You can find links to these forms below!

Hey Parents!

Remember to fill out the waiver and read our rules and policies. Thanks