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Parents Day Off: Drop-Off Events In Atlanta

Ready Set FUN! is one of the best Atlanta area indoor playgrounds for a reason. Not only do we offer new experiences for playtime, classes and private events, but we also work hard to make it worthwhile for parents, too. Knowing your kids are having a great time at our facility is so important, but, from the start, we’ve considered parents’ needs as well, which is why we have parents drop-off days. Parents Day Off events specifically exist to help all of our hardworking parents who need a little time to themselves.

Whether it’s to run some errands or have a fun midweek date, you can drop your kids off with us for a couple of hours and rest assured that our team of experts knows how to keep your children safe and entertained while you’re out and about.

We do not currently have any Parents Day Off Events planned, but please follow us in social media and keep your eye our for an announcement! We are always planning new events!

two little boys playing in the imagination sandbox at Ready Set FUN! in Sandy Springs

The Event Details

Our kids day play events are held during the week from Monday to Friday. We have availability in the morning and afternoon hours You can drop off your child ages three and up, and potty-trained for 2 hours with us while you get some “me time”,

As parents, we know hiring a babysitter can get expensive quick, but here at Ready Set FUN! we have fun activities and a dedicated team who know how to keep your children entertained for hours at much less than the cost of babysitting! Checkout our schedule and fees here.

It’s as easy as that, just drop your kids off and we’ll take great care of them for a couple of hours!

What Will My Child Be Doing?

There’s always something new to explore during playtime. We’re experts in having fun, which means we know all the tips and tricks to keep kids entertained for hours on end. For Parents Day Off, whether they’re here for two, three or four hours, we promise a great time for each and every child. Food options are available for purchase. Here’s everything your children can look forward to for their next day with Ready Set FUN!:

  • Activities

    We have five indoor playrooms in our center—the Imagination Sandbox, Imagination Art, Wall of Movement, What the Ground?, and Just Dance! rooms. These play areas combine creativity with movement, resulting in active-learning and sensory development. Many of the rooms use augmented reality technology that keeps kids having fun while developing new skills.

    Soft play and augmented reality play options are included in parents day off:

    Soft play areas provide a safe environment for kids to explore alongside other children. It’s great for developing both social and physical skills as they interact together and have fun. Kids can climb through our winding play structure, navigate tunnels, play in the ball fountain, and throw their hands in the air as they go down the slide. Our play space provides kids with hours of entertainment.

    Augmented reality is an interactive experience made possible through technology and brought to life in the real world. Our animated sandbox and imagination art rooms are two of the most popular areas for kids day play. With this technology, kids have a new and unique way to burn energy while letting their creativity run wild.

  • Activity Classes

    If you want even more fun and learning possibilities for your kids, we have optional activity classes. Additional charges apply for classes, but you’ll have your choice of cooking, arts & crafts, music, dance and more. These are a great way to explore kids’ interests while teaching them fun new skills.

Drop-Off Day Rules

For our events and programs, a late pickup fee of $10 per 15 minutes per child applies. We also provide food options for purchase, so no outside food is allowed, with the exception of children with food allergies. For those exceptions, we can only take non-perishable food.

Drop-off programs are limited to 8 hours total per week per child.

Bad behavior can’t be accepted in any form and, if it occurs, we’ll have to contact you to pick up your child immediately. This includes any form of physical altercation with another child, as well as vandalizing or destroying play equipment.

Ready Set FUN! is conveniently located for parents in the Atlanta area in Sandy Springs and here for you when you need to drop off the kids for a few hours. We’d love to answer any questions you may have about other special events, classes or playtime.

Contact us if you’re interested in signing up for one of our drop-off days. We’re here to help and we can’t wait to hear from you!