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Schedule of Classes for Kids of All Ages at Ready Set FUN!




Fun Classes for Kids in Atlanta at Ready Set FUN!

At Ready Set FUN!, we are proud to offer many cutting-edge playrooms for your children, as well as an ever-evolving course offering. Our classes for kids are designed from the ground up to engage your child’s imagination and educate your children in a fun, welcoming environment.

We offer fun and unique classes for kids of all ages. Take a look at our class schedule and plan your visit today!


Cooking Classes for Children of All Ages

Our kid-friendly cooking classes empower children to take over in the kitchen. Starting as young as 2 years old, your child will dive into decorating cupcakes, the art of pizza toppings, and making cookies in our Little Chef’s class. Learning their way around a kitchen helps children learn to be resourceful, self-sufficient and helpful at home.

In our classes, we believe that cooking should be messy, creative, out-of-the-(pizza)-box and delicious!

Arts and Crafts Classes for Kids in Atlanta

Beyond cooking, we also offer arts and crafts classes for kids ages 2 and up. Each class has a focused craft that pushes your child to explore their imagination and creativity. Our classes will cover topics such as color-mixing, ceramic painting, and seasonal crafts. We have projects that will be sure to delight.

Like the cooking classes, these classes are very hands-on and your little one will have something fun to take home at the end of it.

Sign Your Child Up for a Class at Ready Set FUN! Today

Our classes run as a 6-session curriculum and you will have 8 weeks to complete the set. We have multiple days and time for the classes throughout the 8 weeks so can pick the time that works best with your schedule.

We invite you and your child to uncover the adventures that await in our classes. Chefs-in-training, artists-to-be and everyone in between are welcome to sign up for a class and get to learning. And don’t forget – each class comes with free playtime! If something comes up, you can cancel for free within 24-hours of the class.

Participating in our classes will help keep your child’s mind active and teach them new skills while they have fun! If you have any questions about our classes, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us online, by phone at (404) 596-5566 or by email at contactus@readysetfun.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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