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Why Ready Set FUN! is the top venue for toddler birthday parties in Atlanta

Do you have a toddler that wears princess dresses every day? Or maybe one who soars around space in rocket ships in their spare time? A tiny Hulk or mini Superman?

Our Atlanta-area party venue is a unique destination that promises that your toddler’s birthday party will be an experience unlike anywhere else. If you’ve been looking for a fun and creative place for your child’s next birthday party, we have a safe, convenient indoor play facility with unforgettable entertainment, imaginative activities, and party personalization. And our team of event planners would love to help create the best birthday for your family.

Unicorn themed toddler birthday party at Ready Set FUN!

Themed Toddler Birthday Parties in Atlanta

Wherever your toddler’s imagination takes them, we’ve got you covered with toddler birthday parties featuring a wide variety of themes and packages. With several different party packages, theme choices, and endless customization options, you can make your next Ready Set FUN! birthday party exactly how you want!

We offer affordable party packages for every budget. Our toddler birthday parties start at $395 and include setup, cleanup, event planning, snacks, decorations, and venue!

Planning Your Next Toddler Birthday Parties

Planning a birthday party can feel overwhelming. Endless Pinterest ideas and well-meaning advice can start to get the best of any parent. You want it to be great, for everyone to have a good time, for your child to be happy, and for everything to run smoothly. It can feel like a big ask, but it doesn’t have to be! We keep up with all of those tiny details, we provide entertainment, and we help make sure this is the best party yet.

toddler birthday party construction theme
toddler birthday party unicorn theme
toddler birthday party superhero theme

We’re along for the ride with you. Here are some tips to help you with your next big celebration:

  • Ask Your Toddler

    They may be little, but they’re already forming big opinions. So recruit your little one to help with decision making! It can be a fun way to include your toddler in their birthday before the big day. You can tag-team the gift registry, go through theme options, and figure out together what will make this birthday special for them. It’s a nice way to give them a say in their party and they’ll be even more excited because of it.

  • Know What To Expect

    When invites are sent for a party at Ready Set FUN!, we take away the guesswork often involved in party attendance. A gift registry removes the uncertainty some family and friends might feel while trying to pick a present. An invitation with a specific start and end date will keep your guests from wondering how long the party will last. We’re located in an easy-to-find Atlanta-area location with open parking. We create clean, straightforward party instructions and take confusion out of the equation.

  • Don’t Worry About Entertainment

    We have entertainment covered. One of the biggest concerns for parties is always what will you do? That’s not the case here. With two hours of playtime and multiple rooms to explore, your family and friends will keep busy. We offer play that’s unique, explorative and energetic. The activities included in our center encourage creativity and excitement. Through imagination learning enhanced with innovative technology, there’s always plenty to do.

  • Ask For Help

    This is exactly what we’re here for! Our team is ready to help every step of the way. From party planning to cleanup, we want to make this day great for your toddler. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about all of the minutiae. Need more explanation on the party packages? Unsure if this is the right toddler birthday party venue for your family? Just ask!

Ready Set FUN! is the ultimate party venue for toddlers and children under the age of 8 in Atlanta and Sandy Springs. Our team of experts is happy to help plan your toddler’s birthday party and we’re committed to creating the best experience for your family and friends.

To book a birthday party click here, or if you have any questions please contact us online, via email, or call us at (404) 596-5566.