Kids Birthday Party Themes

We have seven birthday party packages that make it easy to plan a fun, stress-free experience! Each package gives you the option of selecting from a wide variety of included birthday party themes—superheroes, princesses, pirates, the choice is yours. Don’t see the theme you are looking for? Just let us know and we can work out a solution!

Kids party themes include plates, napkins, cupcake holders and toppers. Some will include table covers and other additional theme-specific pieces. Goodie bags can be added on for purchase with most themes.

For parties near Atlanta or Sandy Springs, Ready Set FUN! offers a full list of ideas for your child’s next birthday so check them out today!

Choose One of Our Awesome Kids Birthday Party Themes

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A magical environment filled with unicorns and rainbows! This fairytale birthday theme includes a unicorn-shaped candle to wish upon.

unicorn birthday theme 1
unicorn birthday theme 2
unicorn birthday theme 3
unicorn birthday theme 4
unicorn birthday theme 5
unicorn birthday theme 6


A fairy tale filled with beautiful illustrations of pretty princesses!

princess birthday theme 1
princess birthday theme 2
princess birthday theme 3
princess birthday theme 4

L.O.L Surprise! Dolls

Themed decorations featuring your child’s favorite characters from L.O.L. Surprise!

lol surprise theme 1
lol surprise theme 2
lol surprise theme 3

Minnie Happy Helpers

Disney, polka dots and Minnie Mouse!

Minnie Mouse birthday theme 1
Minnie Mouse birthday theme 2
Minnie Mouse birthday theme 3

Truly Fairies

Butterflies, flowers and fairies abound! With a Truly Fairy theme, the birthday fairy will also get to wear and take home a pink fairy crown.

fairy birthday theme 1
fairy birthday theme 2
fairy birthday theme 3
fairy birthday theme 4


Explore an underwater world with decorations embellished with shiny iridescent foil and mermaid shells!

mermaid birthday theme 1
mermaid birthday theme 2
mermaid birthday theme 3
mermaid birthday theme 4
mermaid birthday theme 5


A fun wild theme featuring a flock of exotic pink flamingos!

flamingo birthday theme 1
flamingo birthday theme 2
flamingo birthday theme 3


Big Rig

Diggers, tippers, car transporters and more!

big rig birthday theme 1
big rig birthday theme 2
big rig birthday theme 3
big rig birthday theme 4
big rig birthday theme 5


A classic theme that will make your guests roar with excitement! This theme includes an awesome Stegosaurus Party Centerpiece.

dinosaurs birthday theme 1
dinosaurs birthday theme 2
dinosaurs birthday theme 3
dinosaurs birthday theme 4
dinosaurs birthday theme 5


Assemble your team of tiny superheroes! Each guest receives a superhero face mask and decorations are embellished with silver holographic foil and superhero power strikes.

Superhero birthday theme 1
Superhero birthday theme 2
Superhero birthday theme 3
Superhero birthday theme 4

Mickey Mouse on the Go!

Celebrate with Mickey Mouse & Friends!

mickey mouse birthday theme 1
mickey mouse birthday theme 2
mickey mouse birthday theme 3

Outer Space

Fly me to the moon! A constellation celebration featuring outer space and space robots.

outer space birthday theme 1
outer space birthday theme 2
outer space birthday theme 3


Arr! Find treasure perfect for little pirates! This theme includes parrot napkins, a pirate party blower for each child, and a themed centerpiece.

pirates birthday theme 1
pirates birthday theme 2
pirates birthday theme 3
pirates birthday theme 4
pirates birthday theme 5
pirates birthday theme 6


The perfect setup for little knights and maidens! This theme comes with shiny shield plates and party favors of knights on steeds with tasseled tails, a castle and a fiery dragon.

knights birthday theme 1
knights birthday theme 2
knights birthday theme 3


Happy Birthday

Everything Happy Birthday-themed! This also includes Happy Birthday party hats for each guest and the guest of honor will receive a Happy Birthday candle.

happy birthday theme 1
happy birthday theme 2
happy birthday theme 3
happy birthday theme 4
happy birthday theme 5
happy birthday theme 6
happy birthday theme 7

Safari Animals

Little explorers will love a safari themed party! Cheetahs, Zebras and Lions - Oh My!

safari birthday theme 1
safari birthday theme 2
safari birthday theme 3
safari birthday theme 4

Sports - Soccer

Kick around with everything soccer, featuring grassy fields, soccer balls and more!

sports birthday theme 1
sports birthday theme 2
sports birthday theme 3

Still Having Trouble Deciding?

Party planning takes some thought. We understand the level of detail necessary to throw a fabulous party, so here are some tips that can help make deciding on a theme easier!

What is your child interested in right now? Think of their absolute favorite thing to do and it’s likely we have a theme to match.

Ask your kids! If your child is at that stage where they’re bursting with opinions on everything, we’re positive they’d love to tell you what they’d like to see as part of their celebration, too. It can be so much fun to build a birthday party together and your kids can really feel themselves reflected in their party this way.

Don’t hesitate to spark some ideas by scrolling through Pinterest! It can be a great tool to help you envision the reality of what your child’s birthday party will look like. Get in touch with one of our party planners and we’d love to brainstorm how we can build our theme choices off of your ideas.

The most important part of this birthday party is always how happy it makes your child, and we’ve come up with this list of themes with kids in mind. Our kids party themes were created so that every child can find something that represents their favorite interests on their birthday. Whether it’s running around saving the world in a superhero face mask or wearing a pretty pink fairy crown as the queen of fairies, there’s a Ready Set FUN! theme perfect for your child.

Along with your choice of birthday party theme, we have customizable birthday package options and an easy-to-use birthday registry for gifts. We are Atlanta’s party throwing experts and we consider every tiny, themed detail to make sure your child’s birthday party at Ready Set FUN! is their best yet!

To book your child’s birthday party now click here, or if you have any questions please contact us online, or call us at (404) 596-5566.

We look forward to partying with you soon!

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