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Find a Birthday Gift Registry

The birthday gift registry is included in all seven of our party packages. We have different options to choose from, but they all involve two hours of playtime and 90 minutes of room access. They also come with a private event manager, choice of theme, themed plates and napkins, a cupcake tower, and juice and snack options. There are over 15 theme options to choose from and five indoor playrooms you and your kids can explore.

The rooms included with parties are the Imagination Sandbox, Imagination Art, Wall of Movement, What the Ground?, and Just Dance! indoor playrooms.

We handle planning, setup and cleanup. Birthday party choices are designed to fit any budget and we’re proud to offer affordable, fun choices for everyone. Our event planners are happy to discuss customizations, too!

How Does A Birthday Gift Registry Work?

A kid’s gift registry works almost exactly like a bridal or baby shower gift registry. Either you or your child will be able to go through and pick and choose what you want. We have a wide selection of items for you places to shop. After that, invited friends and relatives will be able to request get a link to the registry. From there, they can see your wish list and shop on their own time.

Birthdays are exciting for the whole family. There can be a lot that goes into planning and preparing for a party, and our professional, Atlanta-area team is here to go above and beyond with you. We handle the details so planning is a breeze. One of the ways we do this is by offering a gift registry. Ready Set FUN! is making another step in the process more straightforward by having a clear and concise page dedicated to the birthday gift registry with an easily accessible link upon request.

Benefits of A Kid’s Gift Registry

Online registries remove a lot of the hassle and uncertainty involved in gift shopping!

  • Less Stress

    It works out for everyone. Your child gets what they want and, in the meantime, registries are removing undue stress from the gift giver. Kids are great and they’ll appreciate the gift no matter what. With that being said, the fantastic part about registering your wish list is that friends and family don’t have to play a guessing game of trying to figure out what to get your child.

  • More Organization

    Everything’s in one place. It’s a one-stop shop for gifts. This means you can stay organized in what you’re asking for, and everyone else can see what there is to choose from. There won’t be any awkward accidental duplicates or intense coordinating communication efforts to try to avoid that mishap from happening.

    When the full picture is listed out and readily available, you can now choose gifts for different reasons and build out a registry that covers everything you’re looking for for your child.

  • And More Freedom

    We know online shopping is the easiest, most effortless option. For one, you can check reviews from the comfort of your own home. You also have the freedom to create a well-rounded list with gifts that can be used in a variety of ways—developmental, creative, movement-based, problem-solving, imaginative, the list can go on and on.

How To Make A Birthday Gift Registry

It’s easy to use! We have tons of gift options and places to shop. You just pick what you want and list it.

Filling up your wish list is only a click away. So, when deciding on what to ask for, here are some things you can also consider

  • Age range for toys
  • Recalls
  • Materials
  • Everyone else’s budget, having a range in prices is always a good idea
  • Fun and educational options

If you need some inspiration, check the Internet to see what’s popular. Gift guides and blogs can spark some great gift ideas. When you find them, list them. And if your child knows exactly what they want, even better.

You can throw the best birthday party in the Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell and Buckhead area, complete with birthday party packages and birthday gift registry. Whether you invite your child’s closest friends or rent out the entire space, we’re here to help every step of the way. To get started today, reach out by calling us at (404) 596-5566 or contact us through our online form.